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About us

NextEnergy was founded in 1976 by Randy Kauffman to focus on high quality installations of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems. Originally a division of Accurate Heating & Cooling (CA Lic # 194796), NextEnergy is dedicated to three core principles in solar applications… Performance, Reliability, Longevity.

We custom engineer and install each system to exceed industry performance expectations. Our solar electric systems routinely out-perform California Energy Commission (CEC) performance expectations by up to 25%. Bottomline, our customers get more power from their NextEnergy system than they would have had someone else installed their array.

Our “Marine Grade” installation means we only use the highest quality materials for every customer. From racking holding panels in place to the bolts attaching the system to the structure, and everything in between, we never compromise quality! We NEVER subcontract our installation. Each of our lead installers is a seasoned professional with hundreds of installations under their belt, which means each of our installations meets meticulous standards to provide years of worry free electricity.

By using the best materials, having highly trained, skilled and experienced installations crews, and custom engineering each system, we provide our customers systems that will last longer than systems installed by other companies. We are one of the rare solar energy companies with a Class A Engineering license in addition to our General Building license (CA Lic # 854338 AB). This allows us to put together solar energy solutions we know have the longevity our clients demand.


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4.5 Stars

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5 Stars

Average System Production

98% of Maximum

Average System Up Time


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Customers Who Refer Us To Friends & Family

3 out of 4

Systems Exceeding CEC Performance Requirements by 10% or More


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Randy Kauffman

CEO & Founder

Randy has installed HVAC, solar PV thermal systems for over 3 decades.

John Bissell


John has developed solar financing calculators and systems.

Jay McLaughlin

Design Engineer

Jay has designed solar PV and thermal systems for 3 decades.

Leslie Wu

Director of Operations

Leslie runs the back office and manages customer support.


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X-Service Pricing


  • Annual Tuneup
  • Remote Monitoring
  • 1 Array Cleaning
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  • 2 Annual Tuneups
  • Remote Monitoring
  • 2 Array Cleanings
  • Home Energy Audit
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  • 4 Annual Tuneups
  • Remote Monitoring
  • 4 Array Cleanings
  • Air Blower Test
  • Smart Thermostat
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Solar ITC up for vote.

December 18, 2015 in Legislation

Senate vote on extending the solar 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for an additional 10 years.

Rooftop Solar Fees

December 15, 2015 in Legislation

California regulators propose new rooftop solar fees while PG&E plans new rate hikes.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

June 26, 2015 in Mobility

Recharge your EV at home and move to a less expensive tariff from PG&E.

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Free Stuff

Agree to a site assessment and presentation from a NextEnergy Solar Specialist to receive a free Flare Power Bank 2200 mAh Flashlight.

Flare Power Bank 2200 mAh Flashlight

The multi-function 2 watt aluminum power bank can charge your smartphone and double as a LED flashlight for all your lighting needs. Equipped with a micro USB charging cable for powering up or for recharging the built in lithium battery via laptop, USB car charger or wall adapter.   (Click here)