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Our Experience

For over 20 Years, we’ve been eliminating our customers PG&E bills and helping to make Northern California a cleaner, safer place to live. All of our installers are licensed and have received extensive training on solar technology and proper solar/battery system installation standards. We recognize that a solar/battery system is a significant investment for our clients. We carefully assess your site so that each solar installation is optimized for the location. If a solar system is not right for you, due to shading or other reasons, we will tell you. To ensure many years of trouble-free operation, we only use the finest materials and superior technology. Our highly trained and experienced installation crew will ensure that your solar system meets NextEnergy’s high standards for quality and performance.

dual axis project


Since 2000, Next Energy has been proudly helping residents and business owners change their lives for the better through energy independence. Ensuring that, as time progresses, electric bills will rise but yours won’t. When you switch to solar/battery power, your utility bill will decrease significantly since you own the energy collected in the panels. We utilize premium components such as LG Solar, LG Chem, SolarEdge, Enphase, Seraphin, Canadian Solar and many others.

Save Money and the Environment

Electrical power is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, which contributes to smog buildup and toxins in our air and water. With solar technology, you can shrink toxic emissions while saving money. You can easily feel good about reducing your environmental impact.

Ready to step into the future? For more information or any other inquiries contact us today.

Avoid Rising Energy Costs and Power Outages