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Our Free Evaluation Process

4 Easy Steps
Step 1 - Submit Your Utility Bills

Please give us permission to access your utility bills via Utility API - a secured link that complies with the U.S. Department of Energy Data Guard Program. Providing this access allows us to analyze your usage data in 15-minute increments. This helps us design a solar system customized to meet your energy needs and maximize system performance.
Share Utility Bills

Step 2 - Answer a Few Basic Questions

• Do you have a desired location for the solar panels and battery?
• Do you have vital medical equipment?
• Have you considered your priorities of what appliances/loads you want during a power outage?
• Will you be financing or paying cash?
• What other systems have you looked at?
• Initially, would you prefer a consultant to come to see you or would you prefer to do this online?

Step 3 - Let Us Evaluate Your Site

We will arrange a visit to your site to evaluate where your solar/battery system will be located.

Step 4 - View Your Custom NextEnergy System

We’ll schedule an appointment to present a competitively priced NextEnergy solar/ battery system custom designed for your site. We are happy to virtually conduct this presentation (or any of the previous steps) for added convenience and safety.

Avoid Rising Energy Costs and Power Outages