1. The Secret to a Convenient Garden is Solar Lights

    With the ever constant pulse of technological advancements, it can be hard to keep up with all of them. Really, when do you notice one of those cool home fixtures unless you see it at one of your friend’s houses and are suddenly struck by envy? Once you see how drool-worthy Jannet’s patio is then you have to get an estimate for your own backyard. Hear about Bob’s ultra cool home security sys…Read More

  2. Why Invest in a Solar Lamp Post Lights

    Outdoor lights can reinvent the entire outdoor space. They’ll be able to push back the approaching and full darkness just enough to make your backyard totally beautiful. Finding the right combination of lighting options can seem daunting at first, after all, there are so many options from string lights, to garden lights, to lamp posts, where do you even begin? We’d suggest starting with a clas…Read More

  3. Benefits of Outdoor Solar Lights

    Summertime has finally rolled around and it’s time to start spending time outdoors again. Taking an afternoon to get sun and spend a minute surrounded by trees and growing things is refreshing and cleanses the palette so that you can start off your week in the right mindset. However, when you return to your backyard after letting it decay over the winter, it can look a little rough and your mind…Read More

  4. Welcome!

    We're excited to announce our new website and to provide you our ground breaking, solar powered lights that you can use anywhere!  Stay tuned for updates.…Read More