There’s technology, and then there’s innovative technology. It’s the kind of tech that immediately springs forward, changing everything. Solar panels have been around for more than 60 years, and the first practical silicon solar cell was created in 1954. With years to improve, our state-of-the-art silicon solar cells not only make a leap toward energy independence, but incorporating classic style with modern technology.

At Next Energy, we’re committed to providing 21st-century solar-based lighting products. We make it a point to only use premium components and utilize design elements boosting both efficiency and convenience. Our systems are created to function dependably in extreme temperatures; from -52 degrees Fahrenheit to 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, they can be used in backyards, streets and roads, parks and other public areas. Here’s how we light up your world:

  • The Battery — Our solar lamp posts are wire-free and armed with a powerful battery that promises 25 years  of energy preservation and collection.
  • The App — Need to turn your lighting on, off, or adjust the intensity? Instead of stepping outdoors in the middle of a rainstorm adjust your system on any tablet or smartphone.
  • The Cells — Each solar cell has the ability to produce up to 50 percent more power than conventional solar cells. Our uniform black design creates a sleek aesthetic with classical elements in the fixture for balance.

For more detailed information about our solar panel lights or for other inquiries contact us online or by phone today.