Technology has the potential to be life changing, and not just on a macro scale — the smartphone allows you to text with someone on the other side of the country, streaming services instantaneously provide you with thousands of hours of programming, cloud-based applications allow you to work seamlessly with confidence.
Since 2000, Next Energy has been proudly helping residents and business owners change their lives for the better through energy independence. Ensuring that, as time progresses, electric bills may rise but yours won’t. When you switch to solar-powered lighting your utility bill will decrease significantly since you own the energy collected in the panels. We utilize premium components such as SunPower solar panels, which produce up to 50 percent more power per square foot compared to conventional solar cells, you save even more.

Electrical power is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, which contributes to smog buildup and toxins in our air and water. With solar technology you can shrink toxic emissions while saving money. You can easily feel good about reducing your environmental impact.

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