Summertime has finally rolled around and it’s time to start spending time outdoors again. Taking an afternoon to get sun and spend a minute surrounded by trees and growing things is refreshing and cleanses the palette so that you can start off your week in the right mindset. However, when you return to your backyard after letting it decay over the winter, it can look a little rough and your mind will almost certainly start racing with updating possibilities. Perhaps your eye turns on your current outdoor lighting situation or lack thereof. Whatever leads you to the outdoor lighting section at your local hardware store, it can be hard to determine what lights are best for your outdoor space. At Next Energy, we’re proud to present solar outdoor lighting that will make your backyard into the outdoor paradise you’ve been picturing.

More Than an Investment

As you probably know, outdoor lighting is a key component to ensuring that the outdoor space is enjoyable, even after the sun has gone down. They easily add style and can complement any setting with a touch of lighting to illuminate architectural portions of the house or commercial building that you enjoy. It also allows you to create a comfortable ambiance that will help to deter potentially dangerous individuals. Lights can serve functional and design purposes, and even safety but if they’re solar, they’re so much more.

The Environmental Aspect

Solar lights are probably the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint and reliance on electricity and, in turn, the utility company. Alongside using solar energy instead of electricity, quite a few of them are made with environmentally conscious materials and they all boast a large lifespan to limit landfill waste. Plus there’s the ease of use and set-up. Solar lights are completely self-contained, meaning that you merely have to place the light and the sensor outside for them to start functioning.

The Safety Aspect

Sometimes the strangest things can discourage potentially dangerous situations. I’m sure we’ve all, at some point, seen a padlock on a lock that’s not even attached to the door. Apart from the initial confusion, you probably conclude that someone doesn’t want you going near or beyond the lock. It may not be entirely logical, but it totally works. It’s much the same idea in regard to outdoor lighting. Sometimes ensuring that the outdoor area of a place is well lit, like a commercial or residential building, is just enough to discourage potential theft and other nefarious intentions. Affixing solar light fixtures to a building or around your residence is a good idea for most areas, but especially for areas with inclimate weather. If there’s ever a power outage or other weather issues, your lights on the outside of the building won’t go out. Instead, they’ll be able to guide you back through the storm reliably.

Solar Lights are Low Maintenance

Gas or electrical lighting is limited in where you’ll put it because of the limitations of where a gas or electric line can reach. With solar lights, you can place the lights wherever you’d like around your garden without being interrupted by cords or trying to navigate the length of the cord you picked up with the light. Another plus is that almost all solar lighting solutions are way easier to install. While some gas and electrical outdoor lighting fixtures require professional installation, Next Energy’s solar lights merely require access to a screw. Installation is easy and doesn’t require holes to be dug out for the sake of an electrician to install whatever underground equipment they need to make your lights work.

Invest in Versatility

Since solar lighting mostly boasts about how versatile it is and how you can place it anywhere, it’s important for it to be adaptable. Next Energy provides a variety of lighting fixtures that can adjust to your specific style. Interested in a classic, almost art-deco look for your outdoor space? Take a look at our Lotus styled light. Perhaps you’re looking into potential street light options for your business? We’ll go as far as providing the pole and the solar lamp if you’re interested. If you’re looking for more far spread lighting, our NE-DTL 2.0 provides several minimalist modern looking feel that is supported by one exposed panel. These lights can be connected across a large area to provide staggered, yet more complete lighting options.

Shop Next Energy for Solar Panel Lights

If you’re looking for stylish, chic solar panel lighting options for your garden or commercial building, shop our selection. While our inventory online is somewhat more limited, you can certainly find even more of our products in an Ace Hardware near you.