With the ever constant pulse of technological advancements, it can be hard to keep up with all of them. Really, when do you notice one of those cool home fixtures unless you see it at one of your friend’s houses and are suddenly struck by envy? Once you see how drool-worthy Jannet’s patio is then you have to get an estimate for your own backyard. Hear about Bob’s ultra cool home security system that shuts the garage door if he forget to when he was leaving? Gotta have it. The same goes for every home improvement technology that starts flying off the shelves, including outdoor solar lights. You never really realize how great they are until you see that Terry’s got them all over his backyard, lighting the place up without having to run wires under the ground or hire an electrician. Beyond ease of use, are there any real upsides to investing in little solar lights? In short, yes.

Installation Process

Some installation processes vary, but usually, it’s absurdly simple. While with most outdoor lighting you’ll need an electrician to dig up your entire yard just to provide some ambient lighting that won’t really help you entertain. Instead, solar lighting is an excellent alternative that you only have to put in the sun to suddenly get the lighting that you need from them. With Next Energy’s super comprehensive app you can easily control the amount of energy your lights are putting out at any time from your phone. This allows you to turn up the lighting when you’re entertaining or finding your way home in a storm. You could also use this feature to turn down the lights while you and your partner dance in your garden to some good tunes and feel the romance. Mood lighting that’s energy and self-sufficient, may seem too good to be true, but then again, so was Jannet’s patio before you saw it.

Get Comfortable with Solar

Many doubt the power of solar energy, despite Teslas’ tenacious efforts to incorporate it more into our everyday lives. Sometimes it’s just fine to start small and let the power of solar lighting add aesthetic appeal to your backyard before you invest in an entirely new roofing system to run your house on solar energy. Baby steps in the form of stylish, classic designs is hardly a bad idea, as Next Energy offers a series of different lights like lamp posts, lanterns, and even minimalist string lights.

Setting Up Your System

As a word of caution, your lights will need the sun to actually work. So set them in areas of the yard that actually get the proper amount of solar energy to activate the high powered solar cells in your light’s panel. You’ll see a “nightly run time” on most products that will let you know how long the light will run into the night if they should get enough access to the sun. If you place it in the proper place in the yard this shouldn’t be an issue unless it remains cloudy all day. This means that no matter where you live, the amount of light your fixture gives off at night in the winter will suffer a bit. However, with the app, you can toggle the amount of light the fixture is putting out and ensure that it extends farther into the night if you’re hoping for a sense of security from the lighting. Other factors like trees growing over the panel, or shadows of buildings shifting to cover the panel will make the battery charging suffer. Even something like a spot of bird poop can smother the cell’s ability to collect a sufficient amount of energy to make the fixture burn through the night. However, with high-quality solar cells in your panel, you’ll rarely suffer not having enough energy for the lights to stand sentinel over the property all night.

Shop Our Solar Lights Now

Next Energy provides high-efficiency solar cells and solar panels so that our lights last longer and give you more control over how you use them. Jannet doesn’t have to be the only one with a cool yard on the block, you can too. Entertain guests or just yourselves and give your household the option to enjoy the outdoors at different times of the day. If you’re interested in turning your yard into the envy of the block with your ultra modern, chic outdoor solar lamps, shop our wide variety of products now.