Outdoor lights can reinvent the entire outdoor space. They’ll be able to push back the approaching and full darkness just enough to make your backyard totally beautiful. Finding the right combination of lighting options can seem daunting at first, after all, there are so many options from string lights, to garden lights, to lamp posts, where do you even begin? We’d suggest starting with a classical, foundational piece like a towering lamp post. Next Energy provides aesthetic options for self-sustainable solar lamp posts that can add a classical nearly Victorian lighting option to your backyard that will open up so many possibilities for your backyard decorations.

The Classical Origins

You’d be hard-pressed to think of early 1800s Boston without those old Victorian, angular and graceful lamp posts standing as sentinels all up and down the street. Perhaps you can even picture the the curling, sweeping style of the lamp posts standing in cobblestone courtyards of great English houses. When you think of a lamp post, you might even imagine the simplistic, nearly rudimentary style of the towering posts dotting the streets of Rome and lighting up the sunset colored stucco between all of the little, roughly paved alleyways. However you can call them to mind, you probably see them as a timeless piece of the architecture of a location that’s already full of history. However, lamp posts are not a strictly urban way of lighting the outdoors, they can also complement residential areas. Any outdoor lamp post can create a sense of timeless appeal wherever they’re placed. While styles have evolved and changed into more modern applications, this does not mean the symbolism and feeling of lamp posts have changed — they’ve merely been adapted.

The Possibilities

You can complement your yard in many ways with a solar lamp post that can add a sense of gentility to the more modern styles that are currently trending. One of the main ways to decorate your lamp post to fit in with the rest of your yard’s theme is foliage. If you’re trying to instill a zen, more cultured and coordinated feeling around your yard, you can plant sprouts of bamboo a few paces away from the post. Bamboo grows quickly and you’ll soon have a backdrop of lowering bamboo for your post to light up. If you’re trying for a graceful, looping aesthetic for your post you can easily achieve that through various vine growths that can soften the hard edges and give you something else to look at.

Recommended Vines

If you’re looking for a fast growing vine that will add character to your solar lamp post and tie in the designs of your yard we have a couple of suggestions. Some of these will fare better in certain climates than others, but you can always tailor the vine and flower to suit your needs. As far as perennials recommend the, we love the way clematis vines look with our lights. They have a tendency to spread out quickly after their first year and the flower come in purple and vibrant pink varieties that are hearty and always pretty. If you’re looking for an even brighter colored flower to contrast against the dark green foliage look to Carolina jasmine. The vine remains green far into the colder months of the year and produces gorgeous little tubular yellow petals that smell fragrant and look delicate but are surprisingly hardy. If you’re more attracted to the idea of vines without flowers, you might choose hops instead. Hops smell fragrant and they grow like weeds. More than likely, once they latch on to the post of your lamp post, they’ won’t relent and you might even have to trim them back.

Establishing Your Vines

When you plant the vines, you’ll want to start with amending the soil a bit to foster the grown of the vine. That’ll come in the form of mixing in potting soil even the ground is to dry so that the plant has plenty of nutrients to take hold and start to spread its roots wide enough to come back the next year. Once you’ve got the soil doctored up a bit, then you can mulch the ground in a small area around the lamp post to stifle weeds and limit the water needs of your vine. To begin the vine, you’ll have to train it a bit. Start it out on a separate trellis from the lamp post and make sure there’s a string that the vine can follow to get to the lamp post. Ensure that you choose a vine that’s equally as strong, or less strong than your lamp post pole. If it’s much stronger, it’ll begin to pull it down to the ground.

Catering to the Holidays

A lamp post makes it easy to decorate for various holidays, including the 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving and so many more. From tasteful, winding garlands, to mistletoe, to pumpkins and fall leaf wreaths, there are a million ways to decorate your own charming lamp post to turn it into a festive landmark as time goes by. You can mark each month with a new ribbon tied in a bow near the light, or you can complement it with fairy lights that wind from the base all the way to the top.

Shop Next Energy

If you’re interested in setting your yard apart with a beautiful, classic lamp post that runs off of solar power and is far more efficient than the average wired version, start browsing our inventory. Our lights are super easy to install and offer full control through the comprehensive app. Feel free to contact us with any questions you currently have.