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Agricultural and Food Processing Solutions

NextEnergy doesn’t only focus on residential and commercial solar lighting and energy solutions. We also focus on the largest picture – agricultural and food processing plants. To help launch your company into the future with environmentally-conscious solutions, invest in our technology. For over 20 years, we’ve been pioneering green technology for businesses of all sizes and industries. Converting to green energy gains a high return on investment for your business and lets you qualify for tax credits. It also helps our planet. Save money and go green with earth-conscious agricultural and food processing technology by NextEnergy.

solar panels on a farm

Cutting-Edge Agricultural Products

Agriculture is the backbone of our country. Without proper farming technology, the industry can’t grow and compete with rising demands. NextEnergy develops state-of-the-art solar solutions for agriculture companies. Our products help you keep the edge on the competition while staying green along the way. We offer the following energy-efficient, solar-powered solutions for:

  • Outbuildings where running utilities is not practical
  • Refrigerated storage buildings where losing power means losing supplies
  • Remote buildings that are fully-contained and powered
  • Converting high-energy-use buildings with battery back ups to avoid losses and productivity drops
solar panels on roof of out building

Environmentally-Friendly Food Processing

Food processing plants require specific technology to maintain a safe and efficient environment. You rely on precision temperature-controlled settings to keep processes functional and safe. There are countless laws, conditions, and ordinances to follow. Any drop in production can cause devastating losses to the company and its supply. While accidents happen, there are plenty of preventative procedures to take. To maintain productivity 24/7, solar power can be a powerful investment. Our solar-powered solutions for the food processing industry include:

  • Refrigerated buildings that cannot lose power due to PGE blackouts
  • Remote storage buildings for equipment where running utilities is not practical
  • Conversion of high-energy-use buildings to solar and battery back up facilities

Avoid Rising Energy Costs and Power Outages