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Home Solar Solutions

By converting your home to solar panels, you immediately start planning for a better future. NextEnergy solar panels are state-of-the-art additions that can make you feel great about going green. You’ll know you’re choosing reliable and efficient solar energy without breaking the bank. We supply innovative technology that has been leading the way for over 20 years. And we do it without littering your house with obnoxious, oversized panels on your roof. We use silicon solar cells to merge with futuristic tech with classic styling. Learn more about how our groundbreaking technology can help you reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint.

solar battery backup

How Do Solar & Battery Work Together?

The first question you need to ask yourself when investing in home solar/battery system is how much power/energy will you need to store. It will vary from house to house and what your needs are. Take into account how much power your house uses currently. Then think about what specifically you would like to run in the event of a power outage. Once you have your list of appliances, research the amount of energy they consume. A bit of math will be involved, but it’s worth it to determine the size of your system. Small solar/battery systems are used to power phones, small house appliances. Medium systems are perfect for powering additional needs. Larger systems are designed to power the entire house including large appliances like refrigerators, heaters, air conditioners and more for extended periods of time.

How To Become Energy Sustainable

Let NextEnergy have access to your utilities database to determine your energy needs. Then we will review you house electrical needs in the event of an outage.

Avoid Rising Energy Costs and Power Outages