& Incentives

Commercial Financing & Incentives

Proven commercial financing options are available for today’s solar and storage systems, many requiring no upfront investment. NextEnergy will help you identify the best one for your business, whether it’s cash, loan, lease or PPA.
Government incentives designed to encourage solar and storage adoption reduce your solar investment:

Download Infographic: Solar’s Ripple Effect on Your Business

Solar’s positive effect starts with lower electric bills and ripples through your financials, ultimately fueling business growth. We explain in our complimentary infographic.
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Residential Financing & Incentives

Generous government programs that make it easier for you to install solar and storage at your home include:

Solar loans allow you to own your system—which gives you the greatest financial benefit—with no money down. These loans come with low-interest rates, Instant approval and a number of payment options:

No payments for 1 year

Payments are fixed and usually less than what you PG&E today

Accelerated payments
to pay off the loan

Solar + Storage Tax Credit: Making Solar Affordable

The U.S. Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar and storage has been a major driver in making solar affordable. The ITC pays you back 30% of your investment in the form of a tax credit when you file your annual tax return.