Solar & Storage
for Businesses

Fix Your Electricity Costs Now for Maximum Benefits

When it comes to solar, the question isn’t, Should you go solar? It’s Why wouldn’t you go solar?

You already spend the money. But you could spend less. Utility rates only go up. But you have the power to lower your rate and lock it in for 25 years. Guaranteed.

Stop overpaying. Why outsource your electricity when you can make it yourself easily, quickly and profitably? Now is the time—be grandfathered in with today’s premium incentives, before utilities impose new fees.

Top reasons to switch to solar now

Long term insurance against rising utility costs

ROl is always positive and higher than almost any other business investment

Easy financing options with Potential to no out of pocket investment

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Commercial solar’s ROI outlook is changing. Our complimentary ebook details the factors that could impact your return on a solar investment.
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Thank you, NextEnergy, for the fine job you did and without disrupting our retail operation. The installation went without a hitch and we’re looking forward to the clean energy.

Ron Epperly – Pet Food Express

What Solar + Storage Does for Your Business

The benefits of making your own, lower-cost electricity span your entire business, not just your electricity budget. The top 3 reasons companies install clean, renewable solar energy are:


Lower operating

Protection from
power outages

Read the full list of commercial solar benefits.