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Solar Commercial Buildings & Parking Canopy Solutions

Solar energy is the way of the future, realized today. Boost your financial and environmental benefits by adding solar commercial buildings and parking canopies by NextEnergy. Solar canopies in your parking lots provide shade for cars while also generating clean, renewable energy. Plus, it saves you exponentially on electricity bills for your business. These canopies are tall structures that feature solar panels on the roof, typically in paved parking lots. If you have a large parking lot like in a wholesale area, major transport, or another place where cars require covering, you can benefit from installing solar canopies. Learn more about their possibilities today.

Solar parking canopy

What are the Benefits of Solar Canopies?

As stated previously, if you have a parking lot or multiple lots on your property, you have an opportunity to save on electric bills and provide a great service to your customers and employees. By installing a solar energy system with solar canopies, you protect your investments against the ever-rising prices of energy bills. You can orient them for maximum production according to the alignment of the sun and your location. In most situations, parking lots are unobstructed, granting you the most freedom when it comes to installing your solar canopies. Plus, you reduce your environmental impact, creating more opportunities for good PR. You also may qualify for tax breaks and write-offs.

Where Do We Start?

Everyone can benefit from solar energy. Your return on investment will save you immensely in more ways than one. To get started, give us a call. We’re always happy to discuss other benefits and the ins and outs of installing solar canopies on commercial spaces to potential clients. Help preserve the environment by generating your own energy and provide a cool space for your customers and employees to park their vehicles.

Avoid Rising Energy Costs and Power Outages